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POSCO DAEWOO Completes Uzbekistan's Biggest Combined Cycle Power Plant in Talimarjan

On August 29, POSCO DAEWOO-Hyundai E&C consortium completed the 929MW Talimarjan combined cycle power plant in Talimarjan, Kashkadarya that is approximately 440km southwest from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

Over 30 people attended the completion ceremony on that day, including Kashkadarya governor Ruziev Zafar Sharopovich, Uzbek government officials, POSCO DAEWOO managing director Hyun-soo Kim, and relevant officials of Hyundai E&C and the Asian Development Bank.


In March 2013, Uzbekistan’s state power authority and POSCO DAEWOO-Hyundai E&C consortium signed a construction agreement for the Talimarjan combined cycle power plant worth $862 million, and completed a total 929MW combined cycle power plant. This is the biggest single-unit power plant in Uzbekistan, accounting for 6.6% of all power in the country. Electric power produced here will be supplied to the southern area of Uzbekistan.

The POSCO DAEWOO-Hyundai E&C consortium carried out this project using a turn-key method in which the entire process is carried out at once including engineering, purchasing and construction, and the project was financed by the Asian Development Bank.

"This project could be completed successfully through the synergy of POSCO DAEWOO’s global network, project operation and management skills with Hyundai E&C’s construction skills and technology," said an official of the consortium. "POSCO DAEWOO plans to use this opportunity to expand the IPP project to Latin America and Africa beyond Central Asia."

POSCO DAEWOO is currently operating the first 30MWprivate capital power plant in Papua New Guinea and now building the second one. It is also carrying forward a new private capital power plant project in Myanmar, Indonesia and Latin America as well. POSCO DAEWOO plans to carry out projects related to gas combined cycle power plants and solar power all over the world, and expand the power plant business to the size of 2GW in generation capacity by 2020.

News No: 1304
Date: 2017/09/13 - 20:32
News Source: POSCO

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