15 Countries Attended 2nd IR-ODEX in Tehran

The second IR-ODEX International workshop entitled “Ore Deposit Model Exploration: Base and Precious Metal Deposits “started with attendance of professors and researchers of 15 countries here in Tehran on October21, 2017.

Professors and researchers of 15 countries are attending the 2nd IR-ODEX which is holding in National Iranian Steel Company.

These researcher are from Germany, England, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Philippine, Finland, Afghanistan, Cameron, India, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Spain and Australia.

The instructors are Jeffrey Hedenquist, Senior consultant of world’s mining and geological companies in epithermal deposits exploration and geothermal energy resources, Steven Garwin, professor and consultant of mining companies in porphyry deposit exploration and Fernando Tornos, Spanish culture and science researcher.

This course is being held by participation of international professors in 4 theory and 3 field trip parts in IMIDRO and selected mines in 7 days. (October21-27, 2017).


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Date: 2017/10/22 - 19:23
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