Iran Exported over $6.85b of Mineral Products

Iran exported over 48.66 million tons of mineral products worth over $6.85 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (March 21-Dec. 21), indicating a 1% and 3% growth in tonnage and value respectively compared with last year’s corresponding period.

Mineral exports accounted for 55% and 22% of Iran’s total nine-month shipments in terms of volume and value respectively. Mineral imports made up 34% and 11% of the volume and value respectively of total imports.

Direct-reduced iron had one of the highest growths among exported commodities and the highest in imports in both volume and value. Its exports rose 364% and 63% to 538,000 tons worth $140.27 million. DRI imports skyrocketed by 47,798% and 14,795% to reach 32,000 tons worth $8.72 million tons respectively.

Semi-finished steel took the lion’s share of exports in terms of value, as 6.37 million tons worth $2.34 billion were shipped overseas, up 23% and 3% YOY in volume and value.

Pottery, brick, ceramic and tile shipments followed with 5.99 million tons worth $884.4 million, down 23% in trade volume and value YOY.

Iron ore came next with 14.31 million tons worth $797.2 million. The volume and value of shipments recorded rises of 3% and 52% respectively YOY.

It was followed by cement with 11.69 million tons valued at $433 million, up 4% in value and down 1% in tonnage respectively.

Other exported mineral commodities during the nine-month period included steel products with 544,000 tons worth $389.8 million, copper with 344,000 tons worth $379.3 million, zinc with 149,000 tons worth $302.3 million, stones with 4.55 million tons worth $267.6 million tons, aluminum with 144,000 tons worth $260.6 million, lead with 102,000 tons worth $169.9 million, direct-reduced iron with 538,000 tons worth $140.2 million, ferroalloys with 22,000 tons worth $38.71 million and molybdenum with 3,000 tons worth $30.6 million.

Precious minerals (gold, silver etc.) with less than 1,000 tons worth $26.82 million, chrome with 140,000 tons worth $22.45 million, coal with 162,000 tons worth $20.2 million, alumina powder with 87,000 tons worth $8.63 million, nickel with less than 1,000 tons worth $360,000, titanium with less than 1,000 tons worth $240,000, mica with less than 1,000 tons worth $140,000, antimony with less than 1,000 tons worth $27,000, and “other minerals” with 3.49 million tons worth $339.5 million completed the list of exported products.

Imports during the same period stood at 9.1 million tons worth $4.08 billion, registering an 86% and 33% increase in tonnage and value respectively year-on-year.

As for imports, semi-finished steel also had the largest share among Iran’s imports of mineral commodities value-wise in the nine-month period, as 2.91 million tons worth $1.65 billion were imported, up 2% and 14% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

Steel products followed with 466,000 tons worth $608.1 million, down 4% and 6% in volume and value YOY respectively.

Copper came next with 49,000 tons worth $230 million, up 902% and 653% respectively YOY.

News No: 1774
Date: 2018/01/10 - 00:12
News Source: IMIDRO

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