Iran’s Mineral Output Crosses 280 Million Tons in 10 Months

Major Iranian mining companies produced an aggregate of 287.45 million tons of ores and mineral products during the first 10 months of the current fiscal year (March 21, 2017-Jan. 20), registering an 11.4% growth compared with last year’s corresponding period.

The Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization’s latest report added that production in the 10th Iranian month saw a 12.37% year-on-year rise to 30 million tons.

Iran is home to 68 types of minerals with over 37 billion tons of proven and 57 billion tons of potential reserves, including large deposits of coal, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, uranium and gold.

 Upstream Steel Sector

Iron ore concentrate had the biggest share in Iran’s mineral production during the period under review with 31.18 million tons, registering a 16% growth YOY. 

Gologhar Mining and Industrial Complex accounted for 11.53 million tons of the total output, followed by Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Complex with 7.05 million tons, Iran Central Iron Ore Company with 4.11 tons, Goharzamin Iron Ore Company with 3.42 million tons, Middle East Mines and Mining Industries Development Holding Company with 3.32 million tons and Opal Parsian Sangan with 1.71 million tons.

Production of granulated iron stood at 5.34 million tons, up 6% YOY.

Pellet had the second largest share with a total output of 26.44 million tons, up 25% YOY. Golgohar was the largest producer with 9.17 million tons, followed by Mobarakeh Steel Company with 6.33 million tons, Khouzestan Steel Company with 5.37 million tons, Chadormalu with 2.89 million tons and MIDHCO with 2.68 million tons.

Direct-reduced iron came next with the production of 15.84 million tons, up 14% YOY. Mobarakeh had the lion’s share with 6.12 million tons, followed by KSC with 3.4 million tons, Hormozgan Steel Company with 1.29 million tons, South Kaveh Steel Company with 1.28 million tons, Saba Steel Complex with 932,277 tons, Khorasan Steel Company with 1.01 million tons, Ghadir Iron and Steel Company with 679,282 tons, MIDHCO with 630,966 tons, Sefiddasht Steel Complex with 355,954 tons and Esfahan Steel Company with 118,340 tons.

 Downstream Steel Sector

Semi-finished steel had the fourth largest share among the minerals produced during the 10-month period. Iranian steel mills produced 14.25 million tons of slab, bloom, billet and ingot, up 19% YOY. 

Mobarakeh Steel Company was the biggest producer with 7.21 million tons. KSC came next with 3.14 million tons, followed by ESCO with 1.89 million tons, South Kaveh Steel Company with 650,861 ton, Khorasan Steel Company with 675,848 tons, Iran Alloy Steel Company with 341,265 tons, Chadormalu with 292,838 tons and Iran National Steel Industries Group with 42,573 tons.

All producers posted growth for the period, with the exception of INSIG whose output dropped 49%.

Some 8.82 million tons of finished steel products, including hot- and cold-rolled coils, rebar, beams, pipes, wide and galvanized sheets were produced during the period, up 5% YOY. 

MSC and its subsidiary Saba Steel had the largest share of production with 4.98 million tons, followed by ESCO with 1.81 million tons, Oxin Steel Company with 609,466 tons, Khorasan Steel Company with 436,521 tons, Ahwaz Rolling and Pipe Mills Company with 258,534 tons, IASCO with 238,113 tons, Azarbaijan Steel Company with 199,641 tons, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Automotive Sheet Company with 172,760 tons and INSIG with 109,806 tons.

 Copper Sector

Copper mines operated by the National Copper Industries Company extracted 141.26 million tons of copper oxide ore during the period, up 8% YOY.

Copper miners’ sulfide ore extraction was up 5% YOY to reach 42.78 million tons.

Copper concentrate was the main product manufactured in this sector. The output stood at 956,414 tons, recording a 7% rise YOY. It was followed by copper anode with 153,409 tons, down 19%; copper cathode with 124,379 tons, down 21%; and molybdenum with 7,046 tons, up 19% YOY.

 Aluminum Sector

Iran’s three major aluminum producers produced an aggregate of 280,726 tons of aluminum ingots in the 10 months to register a 2% decline YOY. Iran Aluminum Company produced 142,327 tons, Hormozal Aluminum Company 87,659 tons and Almahdi Aluminum Company 50,740 tons.

Iran Alumina Company produced 200,179 tons of alumina powder, up 3% YOY.

 Lead & Zinc

Major Iranian lead and zinc producers extracted 778,463 tons of ore during the period, of which Angouran Lead and Zinc Complex accounted for 745,343 tons and Nakhlak Lead and Zinc Plant for 33,120 tons.

News No: 1927
Date: 2018/02/13 - 22:12
News Source: Financial Tribune

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