Iran: Government Aims to Maintain its Current State of Production and Sales

Iran, one of the largest steel producer and exporter in MENA region has produced 22.53 MnT crude steel in the 11 months of CY’18 as per the data released by World Steel Organization.

Production was up by 17% Y-o-Y against 19.28 MnT produced during the same period of CY’17.

According to Mr. Reza Rahmani, Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, “there is no restriction on exports of goods from the country. He added ministry's primary priority is to maintain the current state of production and sales. Recently, government has removed the restriction on export of DRI from Iran.

Speaking about exploitation of mines, Mr. Reza said “The subject of mine in the nation especially in Sistan and Balochistan province is one of the priorities of the ministry and so far very good exploration activities have been carried out by state-owned companies.

Iran: DRI Production Increases by 19% in Current Persian Year

Iran, one of the largest DRI producer in world has produced 17,363,000 MT DRI during the first eight months of Persian year (21 Mar-21 Nov’18) as per the data released by ISPA. The nation reportedly witnessed a growth of 19% Y-o-Y in production of DRI against 14,600,000 MT produced in last year.

Major DRI producers during the period were

Mobarekah Steel was by far the largest manufacture of DRI in Iran during the current Persian year, the company produced 4,896,154 MT DRI. Production was stable during the period.

Khouzestan Steel was the second largest DRI producer during the current Persian year. The company produced 2,471,923 MT DRI in current year by registering a downfall of 10% Y-o-Y.

Other major producers includes HOSCO (1,151,112 MT), South Kaveh Steel (1,022,542 MT), Khorasan Steel (872,453 MT) and Saba Steel (820,010 MT).

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Date: 2019/01/08 - 02:20
News Source: SteelMint

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