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Day Robin Industries Development Company (DID-CO)

Day Robin Industries Development Company (DID-CO)

DID-CO is basically a commercial and engineering company specialized in provision of equipment and parts for steel, mining and petrochemical industries in material handling and process sectors. The parts include belt conveyors, wagon tipplers, couplings and brakes, etc. Our vision is to be one of the best 10 Industrial equipment and service providers until 2023 in Iran and our mission is to be the best partner of our customers and our brands.

Products : SATI Co. (from Italy): Conveyor belt Steelcord, Conveyor belt Sidewall, Conveyor belt Chevron, Conveyor belt EP / Dneprotyazhmash Co. (from Ukraine): Wagon tippler, Wagon pusher, Wagon positioner, Wagon indexer, Apron feeder crusher / Vulkan Co. (from Germany): Hydrocoupling, Flexible coupling, Rigid coupling, Brake, Universal joint, Gardan shaft, Rail clamps, Resilient mount

Country: Iran
City: Tehran

Contact Details:

Tel: +98 21 22385300
Fax: +98 21 22385360

Unit 1, No. 23, 19th St., Northern Sarrafha St., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran

Company Personas & Designations:

Mohsen Ardestani

CEO: Mohsen Ardestani

CellPhone: +98 912 1545821

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