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Miners’ 13 Research Priorities to Benefit Exemption of State Law

Administrative regulation related to applied research priorities that makes miners exempted from 10 percent of the state law announced by the mining deputy of Ministry of Industry ,Mine and Trade (Iran).

This plan includes 13 priorities, to inform active miners from research priorities and render a plan to encourage investors to invest in this sector.
These priorities are :

 1.  Modern methods of exploration, extraction and mineral processing
 2.  Localization and know-how transfer
 3.  Production and extraction of REE
 4.  Coal research projects 
 5.  Using waste and slag to extract valuable elements
 6.  Molybdenum,Tungsten and Magnesium related researches
 7.  Titanium researches
 8.  Graphite Electrodes researches
 9.  Energy consumption optimization 
10. Construction of mineral processing equipments
11. Create and increase of production efficiency
12. Refractory minerals researches
13. HSE projects in mine and mining industries sector

According to this announcment if miners with approval of Iranian ministry of Industry,Mine and Trade in line with these priorities contract with universities, they will be exempted from 10 percent of state law of mines.

News No: 149
Date: 2015/12/30 -
News Source: imidro

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