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Student Robotic Contest in Tehran

Anational student robotic contest Roboticup 2019 opened Thursday at the Tehran University with the participation of more than a thousand elementary and high school students.

Roboticup is co-organized by the university and Sigma Education Company. Participants, who are already trained in building robots, are competing at two levels: applied and theoretic, IRNA reported.

The applied part consists of a two-phased competition. The first is Best Strategy where elementary students are required to build robots that can do one of the following tasks: carry load, extinguish a fire or detect mines.

High school students in this phase compete over designing electronic boards and writing computer programs.

The jury will focus on several areas, namely innovation, optimum design, physical resistance, best electronic board design and best programming.

Selected participants will enter the second phase called Advanced Robotics, where they are required to design a light-following robot using the Arduino programming language.

Finalists should pass a theoretic exam slated for March 5-6. The tests will assess the contestants' technical information on robotic science.

Winners will be honored in the closing ceremony on March 7 and will attend a robotic workshop in the prestigious university.


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