Official: Modifying Gas Turbines to Save €480mln for Iran

Deputy Head of Niroo Research Institute (NRI) for Technology Affairs Seyed Mohsen Marjanmehr said that a large amount of money will be saved for the country in case of changing the gas turbines.

“A sum of €480 million worth of foreign currency will be saved in the country with modifying gas-operated turbines,” Marjanmehr said.

He noted that 2,000-MW electricity will be added to the current generation capacity of the country with increasing efficiency and output of gas-operated turbines.

About 80 percent of the electricity of the country is produced by thermal power plants, he said, adding, “To modify and increase the efficiency of gas-operated turbines used in thermal power plants, an action plan was implemented which led to the reduced 5 to 7 percent of production drop in these turbines.”

In relevant remarks in September, an official at Iran’s Power Generation and Distribution Company (TAVANIR) said that Iran is the top technology owner in the field of manufacturing power transformers in the Middle East.

Deputy CEO of TAVANIR for Coordinating Affairs Seyed Zaman Hosseini said that Iran stood in the first place in the Middle East region in the field of technology of producing various types of power transformers.

Presently, Iran is a leading country in the region in the field of manufacturing, repairing and maintain power transformers.

He pointed to the high potential and capacity of technical-engineering companies for participating in export markets and added, “As a representative of public sector, we will back activities of domestic companies in this field considerably.”

News No: 6642
Date: 2019/10/13 - 19:18
News Source: Fars News

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