Innovative modular system from HB Protective Wear for metallised heat protection

One new product from the HB innovation workshop is the modular system for metallised heat protection. With the TEMPEX® TREME Heat System, users can select and combine the desired version from the equipment options and thus put together their work equipment individually. Two new materials and numerous features significantly increase wearing comfort.

Light, soft and highly functional materials 
The wearers initially have the choice between three high-performance materials: the proven KF-3/Z with its very high mechanical resistance, the new AW-1/Y with a very soft knitted fabric as the carrier material and the highest possible protection class C4 against radiant heat as well as the new CK/12-Z with an extremely low grammage of only 360 g/m². 

The materials differ in terms of the composition and construction of the carrier material, the type of aluminisation, the weight and the specific protective properties against the various forms of heat stress. Wearing comfort and mechanical strength also vary. 

CK-12/Z is particularly soft and flexible. The unusually pleasant feel of this very light fabric is topped by AW-1/Y because it is a knitted fabric with a roughened inner side. Due to their texture, these two innovative materials are extremely pleasant to wear.

In addition to the standard versions, available in KF-3/Z fabric, the selection of models for the HB modular system includes the COMFORT and COMFORT Plus product lines.

The COMFORT features include ergonomically shaped sleeves, adjustable sleeve width, a walking slit in the coat, the choice between hook-and-loop and quick-release fasteners as well as different coat and jacket lengths. For improved functionality, the COMFORT version of the apron with sleeves offers an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener along with ergonomic sleeves. The heat protection trousers have a comfort waistband with side elastic, the inner waistband is covered with fire-retardant molleton and hook-and-loop fasteners at the sides of the trousers. 

In the COMFORT version, the bib and half apron can be closed at the back with a practical hook-and-loop fastener instead of the tie strap. 

The COMFORT Plus range includes the most comfortable features: In addition to the standard underarm ventilation, we also offer optional additional back ventilation and, in the case of the foundry coat, an additional choice between a slit at the back and the more comfortable concealed pleat for the best possible freedom of movement, including optimum protection even when walking.

The HB heat protection modular system is rounded off by two head covers with shoulder and chest protection and a helmet cover, which are also available in the two new comfort materials. In the COMFORT Plus version, the head cover has ashaped shoulder and chest area and two concealed ventilation openings at the sides. 

This allows the wearers to put together their heat-protection equipment to suit their requirements and to combine the different equipment variants individually. For example, the foundry coat 84 and the heat protection jacket 42 are available in model variants – depending on the requirements the person has with regard to his equipment in the workplace. HB’s modular system shows that the best possible comfort and reliable protection are not mutually exclusive for PPE wearers in foundries, steelworks, the aluminium-processing industry and other heat-exposed places of work. 

All of the selectable products, if not available from stock, can be ordered from 1 part onwards via our high-speed delivery service 21 TO WEAR®. Enjoy a delivery time within Germany of only 21 days*. Requirements of more than 30 parts are usually produced separately, and the production time for this is approx. 6-8 weeks from receipt of the order. 

The matrix for putting together the desired model can be found in the HB Complete Catalogue 2020 and at

News No: 7775
Date: 2019/12/05 - 16:47
News Source: Foundry Planet

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